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Easy-to-use Custify Alternative

Beatchurn is an easy-to-use Customer Success Tool and a great alternative to Custify. Compare Beatchurn with Custify and find out who's the better fit.

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Custify Customer Success Alternative

Customer Success

What is Beatchurn?

Beatchurn is Customer Success Software built for ease-of-use, optimized for integration and strong in simplicity. We value the core business metrics that exist in B2B SaaS, and have created an application accordingly.

The tool makes Customer Success easy to manage. All your customer data in one place. This not only empowers your service teams (Customer Success, Implementation, Consultancy), it also empowers your business growth.

Supaboost was founded in 2024 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 🇳🇱
Custify was founded in 2017 in Bucharest, Romania. 🇷🇴

For Startups or larger companies that don't need a complete suite of all Customer Success Tools, Beatchurn is a great alternative toCustify. View the table below to view all differences.

The main important different between both tools is that Custify focuses only on larger companies and Beatchurn focusses on all SaaS companies. By focussing on a more broad audience, Beatchurn enables all kinds of users to take a deep-dive analysis into their customers.

Software Comparison

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Beatchurn features

Complete Beatchurn Overview

Thorough understanding of your customers is part of your core business. Learn how you can get the most out of this.

Custify Alternative

Unlike Custify, Beatchurn informs all potential users about core features, available prices and what is included. After using Beatchurn, you won't need any additional Customer Success tools to gain more insight about your customers. With Beatchurn you'll know what your customers are doing, how often they do it and why they keep coming back.

Health Score

With the completely automated health score, you'll identify customer churn and risk with ease. Take actionable insights based on automated health and performance tracking. The score is based on longevity, customer renewal, usage rate and much more.


Add all of your customer data, automatically. Integrate with Beatchurn to your favorite apps. CRM, Payment Processors, Service Desk, Excel sheets. Find customer data anywhere, and add it to Beatchurn. We are continuously adding new ways to integrate your data, while already expanding our integrations every month.

Document Management

Whoever has customers, has documents. While keeping your file safe on your laptop or desktop can work fine for very small teams. As soon as you expand your customer base you'll be looking for ways to optimize information management. Document Management provided by Beatchurn automates searching, by linking documents to your customers.

Customer 360° View

Get the full scope of your customers. Learn about the why, how and what. Investigate behaviour amongst customers and find opportunities based on historical information. But most importantly, find all the information you need close to where you other information is.

Affordable Plans, Easy to Understand

Choose the perfect plan for your organization.



The perfect plan for a SaaS startup that is acquiring their first customers. Comes with all the required tools to boost customer success and reduce churn.

$49 / month

  • Up to 5 users
  • Startup Success Management
  • Customer 360
  • Basic Support


This plan suits companies that have customer data from multiple sources, are growing and want to take control of onboarding and reducing churn.

$129 / month

  • All Features in Startup
  • Up to 10 users
  • Access to Integrations
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Priority Support


This plan is designed for large companies, that want to group all customer info, make data-based decisions and require customer insights.

$299 / month

  • All Features in Startup & Business
  • Up to 20 users
  • DWY Implementation
  • Dedicated CS Manager
  • Access to 24/7 Support Desk
  • Dedicated Support Representative


Custom setup for industry leaders and large scale businesses. Discuss requirements with our sales team.


  • Custom number of users
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • DFY Implementation
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Support
  • Custom SLA
  • Full Suite of Features

No hidden fees. Pricing shown excl. VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

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