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Integrate with your teams favorite apps

Project management.

Combine the customer data from all your applications


HubSpot's CRM platform contains the marketing, sales & more. Integration can be set up to receive customer companies.

Jira Service Management

Collect all the information from Jira to integrate, such as organizations, tickets created & SLA breaches.


Integration of customer data on renewal date, current MRR, historical MRR, Customer since and currency.


Integrate customer data payment data, current renewal date, current MRR, when they became customers and currency.

Coming soon


Add Intercom Service integration, retrieve users and customers from the Intercom, link tickets to customers and review responses.

Coming soon


Mixpanel analytics that makes it easy to get answers, make decisions, and show the impact of your product.

Coming soon


OpenPanel provides users with the insights they need. Create custom events and review analytics to gain the perfect insight.

Coming soon


Increase your revenue, reduce costs and cut down risk with Paddle. Integrate it with Beatchurn to review Payment info and MRR.

Coming soon


Segment combines clean, customer data for real-time insights so you can know each customer like they are your only customer.

Under construction

We aim to bring you constant updates with regards to new integrations. Right now we are working to add the most frequently requested.

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